Rugeley, Small Town Hero!

John was born and bred in Rugeley. He went to School with me at Hagley Park. The usual encounter, walking home and getting into an argument with John, outside the Pear Tree Pub which ended up with the two of us fighting it out each of us wearing Parka coats. It was 1978. We couldn’t feel a thing because of the padding and I think fatigue put an end to the scrap! It was and still is the way in Rugeley. It’s a hard and brutal Town, but it has a community I wouldn’t swap for anywhere. Genuine people!

You know how it goes, you have a fight at school and you end up being good buddies with your enemy at the time for the rest of your life. That holds true with John and me.

Rugeley to Northern Ireland

John swapped fighting in the streets of Rugeley for a life in The Army where he served 7 years in the 2nd Bn Grenadier Guards and 6 years in the 1st Bn Scots Guards. John boxed for his regiment and in the individual championships where he was a finalist. He did four tours of Northern Ireland and served many trips overseas fighting and protecting his country. John still serves in Military Provost Guard Service where he does armed security at military bases in the West Midlands.

Towns like Rugeley and people like John never get a mention in the media so through this film and the following videos I hope people get to see what I call a ’Small Town Hero’!

This film was shot in and around Rugeley but mainly in the gym at The Police Boys Boxing Club. I would advise anyone who wants to take up boxing in Rugeley and the surrounding areas to get on down to Rugeley Police Boys and have a word with Ian Lear, Billy Bradley or any of the boxing coaches as they do a fantastic job with kids and adults alike.

In the Film, Rugeley, Small Town Hero

John Murray, Billy Bradley, Sarj Cockayne.
Music by: Missing Andy
Song:  ‘The Way We’re Made (Made In England)’
Filmed in Rugeley